Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh, So It's OUR Fault...

Elvira Arellano appeared yesterday before the Mexican congress to speak about her "plight" and the similar "struggle" faced by other illegal invaders. Here is the English translation of her schpiel:

"The United States is the one who broke the law first. By letting people cross over without documents; by letting people pay taxes. For me it has been very hard. But I know I'm not alone."

As she speaks, she is surrounded by Mexican officials. She tears up when she talks about how "hard" it's been, and several nearby men give her a consoling little pat on the shoulder. Does anyone else see the flagrant line of bullshit in this? Her argument is that we are the ones at fault for letting them come! This is absolutely ludicrous!

Lemme tell you illegals out there something (and I know you're reading judging by the hate mail I'm getting on my personal page): I didn't let you do shit. I never allowed you to sneak across my border. If it had been up to me, I'd have been there armed to the teeth with as many people as I could find to meet you and send you right back across the border, where you belong. You are NOT winning any arguments by breaking our laws and blaming it on us. Your argument reeks of a prison inmate mentality, the idea that a criminal is never at fault for the things they do. "He left all that expensive equipment in the car where I could see it! It's his fault for tempting me!" Or how about this one: "the front door was standing open! I didn't think she'd mind if I came in! And when I saw her, her beautiful body was too tempting! If she'd shut her door, I wouldn't have been tempted! It's the victim's fault!"

I've actually heard criminals use these arguments. I have listened to juveniles use this bullshit to explain away their complete lack of self control. And in this day and age, when everyone is so uppity about hurting someone's feelings, there are actually people out there who buy it.

The majority of us, however, don't. We know better. You committed your crimes because you wanted to. You made a conscious choice to break the law. Just because you weren't found immediately does not mean that the government is at fault any more than failing to apprehend a murderer makes a police officer at fault for the next murder.

Try again, El Vampira.

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