Saturday, August 18, 2007


Today, here in the Phoenix area, deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office were called to a neighborhood in the far West end of the valley--the Surprise/El Mirage area. Apparently a Hispanic man was caught trying to break into a few vehicles in the area. When deputies arrived and questioned the man, he reported that he was trying to get away from a house in the neighborhood. Why?

The house had a dead body in it.

Most people in America don't just try to get away from a house with a dead body in it; unless you're a criminal here, your first instinct is to call the police and report what you've seen. Naturally, the deputies wanted to know what was going on; since the man had no papers and was suspected of human smuggling, he was arrested and the deputies went to check the house in question.

Sure enough, they found a dead body. The body was of a Hispanic male, age unknown, that had been beaten and shot. Hiding in a closet, two unclothed women cowered. It was a drop house. In the middle of one of the nicer areas of my area, yet another drop house has been discovered. This isn't the first time this has happened.

But gets better! While investigators were still gagging on the smell in the house, deputies were called to Dysart High School for trespassers. There they spotted three Hispanic people wandering aimlessly about the campus. One was caught but two others escaped on foot.

I'd like to know just how many people aren't downright chilled by this. We know they were illegal aliens, we know they had no idea where they were, and we know they were being kept in a drop house in an affluent neighborhood. One wandered out to steal a car and three others wandered onto a school campus while students were there. As has been established many times over, we don't know who all these people are--and far too many of them are criminals. Does it not absolutely shock everyone that a group of illegals simply walked onto a school campus in the middle of the day? What if they'd been armed? What if they'd been looking for trouble? How do we know they weren't since they were caught before anything could really happen?

We'll never know what the cops may have prevented today. But think about it this way: when thousands of people are killed in one fell swoop, everyone takes notice. However, when thousands are killed over a long period of time, people get bored and stop caring. We're being worn down, and we have to put a stop to it before any more innocent lives are lost.

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