Monday, August 20, 2007

Everyone Has A CHOICE

Choice is the key word to everything in America. Pro-abortionists call themselves "pro-choice." They make a big to-do about choice, and 99.9% of them are liberal--and support illegal immigrants and their "rights." Late last week, Elvira Arellano, the illegal alien from Mexico who's been holed up in a church in Chicago to avoid deportation, very publicly left the church that protected her from federal immigration officers to join a protest in LA to support the supposed rights of illegal aliens in the United States.

Today, hallelujah, I have received news that she has been deported. And, as expected, the anti-sovereignty activists are screaming bloody murder.

If choice is such a big deal in this world, then why is a bad choice not considered when a crime has been committed? Is a bad choice not to be subject to consequences anymore? Are we not to punish crimes (read: bad choices)?

The howling everyone is doing now is over the separation of Arellano from her 8-year-old US born son. Here's my beef: her son was born in the United States after she illegally crossed the border so that her child would technically be an American. He's an anchor baby. This happens all the time. What nobody seems to realize is that it was a crime that made this kid a US citizen in the first place, and it was Elvira Arellano's choice to commit that crime. She made that choice--the choice to cross the border illegally, go to an American hospital and stick law-abiding American taxpayers with the bill--and she needs to live with it, whether she thought about the consequences beforehand or not. It was her choice to create this situation.

I have no sympathy for her. And if the women having anchor babies here don't like their families being split up, then they should just stay home so the can avoid the issue. As for us--I say we update the law to require that the birth mother be a legal resident for her child to become a US citizen.

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