Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Is it Anarchy...or Compassion?

An interesting question was raised on Bill O'Reilly's program a couple of nights ago in regards to the Elvira Arellano case. It's a question that undoubtedly needs to be asked even though the answer is already apparent. If we allow the illegal immigrants coming here to stay, are we being compassionate or are we promoting anarchy?

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the people I know don't know the details of Elvira Arellano's case. What some major news outlest are saying is simply that she crossed the border, had her child, and was working when she was ordered to self-deport. That was when she took sanctuary in a storefront church to keep ICE away from her and her son.

There's a lot more to it than that. She was caught in America before 9/11 and summarily deported. After her first deportation, she hiked back across the border yet again, making it to Chicago, where she bought fake ID papers, including a stolen social security number. This was after 9/11. Guess where she was working when they found her the second time? Cleaning airplanes on the tarmac at O'Hare airport! Right now, before you read further, think hard about the implication of this fact. An illegal immigrant using a stolen SSN was found working at an international airport on airplanes as they were about to take on passengers and fly again. If she can do it, what's to stop the real bad guys from doing it?

Moving right along...somewhere in the middle of all of this, she bore a son. Because he was born here, little Saul is a US citizen. What is never taken into account is the fact that his mother was never here legally. After the birth of her son, she was arrested again (while working at the airport in Chicago) and ordered to leave the country. She was not deported, she was not strong-armed, she was given time to get her affairs in order and take her family back to her country of origin, which is Mexico.

Instead of obeying said order, she ran to a local church, which happily put her up. There she became a sort of symbol for the "immigrants without borders" movement. She practically dared ICE to come and arrest her by leaving the church to speak at a rally in Los Angeles. I think she wanted to be arrested, and I think it was staged by the groups she was in collusion with; they wanted some kind of martyr. So now we have shitsticks like Aztec Al-Qaeda saying crap like, "Elvira Arellano will not be forgotten!" You'd think an ICE agent shot the woman.

She knowingly and willfully broke the law. She was ordered to leave and disobeyed that order. She was given due process and she flaunted it. If a drug addict on probation broke into a house, his probation would be revoked and he would serve the remainder of his sentence in prison. She's not even in prison; she's in Mexico. Mark my words, she'll be back across that border in no time.
We cannot simply bend the law this way or that because "that person was just here to work." There is no excuse for deliberately defying the law! If we allow that sort of "compassion" for a few people, the termites will come out of the woodwork and expect the same thing. The law doesn't work that way; give something to one person, and the law requires it be offered to all. If we do that, we're opening the door to complete anarchy. What's good for one must be applied to all.

Compassion can be a fine line. Fail to walk it properly and it will end in disaster. We have plenty of our own true martyrs, innocent people taken from us by illegals who said they were just here to work. As for the common argument--that we have to stop the deportations to stop the tragic splitting of families--that is a ridiculous suggestion. They created their situation. If they don't want to split their families up, they can take their families with them back to Mexico. Funny how I never heard anyone suggest this to Elvira as she was being handcuffed.

Is it sinking in yet?

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