Monday, August 20, 2007

Crossing The Line

A Mexican extremist, a "reconquisto," wrote a couple of emails to The WatchDog ( that have brazenly--and rather idiotically--crossed the line. In the first message, this was said:

"BEWARE MINUTEMEN! HEED THIS WARNING! I have it by good reliable sources that there are already well placed elements placed in logistic areas throughout the Mexican side of the US Arizona border to protect any and ALL undocumented immigrants from harm crossing the border that might become victimized by ANY and ALL UNAUTHORIZED law enforcement personnel...YOU HAVE JUST DUG YOUR OWN GRAVE! I HOPE TO SEE THE STREETS OF AMERIKKKA RUN RED WITH WHITE XENOPHOBE RACIST MINUTEMEN AND THEIR LIKKKE MINDED WHITE SUPREMACIST NEONAZI TYPES!ANCHOR BABY POWER! CHICANO POWER! ALLAH AKBAR!E.F. Mohammed Martinez aka AL-QAEDA!"

That's only a portion of the Nazi bullshit spewed by this hatemongering fool. I just love how this piece of trash calls me a Nazi when in further rants he sends to WatchDog and GuardDog he goes on to threaten the very same things Adolf Hitler actually did. Their reasons are the same. They want more land. They believe America originally belonged to them, so they want to take it by force.

Your biggest mistake, EF Mohammed, was announcing yourself.

This absolute ignoramus went on to post a "prose" he called "I am the one you love to hate." I wish I could post it, but WatchDog took it down; I can only imagine he's turning it over to the authorities. The gist of it was "I'm the one you love to hate because I'm doing jobs you're too lazy to do...because I have better morals than you...because your money is giving me power...because I'm taking over your country," blah, blah, blah. He seems bent on the "racist xenophobe" here's MY response, dumbass.

I am the one you love to hate because I've made my country a better place than you're willing to make yours--a job you're too lazy to do.

I am the one you love to hate because I'm smarter, more educated, and the only job you can get is the menial shit that addlepated twits like you are barely qualified for.

I am the one you love to hate because there's a hell of a lot more of me than there are of you.

I am the one you love to hate because I have what you only dream of: a future.

I am the one you love to hate because I speak English, and it's far easier for me to survive in America.

I am the one you love to hate because I am a law-abiding citizen of America, and as such I have the right to vote, assemble, go where I wish, say what I please--and I have the right to own and carry a firearm.

I am the one you love to hate because I'm honest, hard-working, trustworthy and loyal, as compared to you, you backstabbing, lying, stealing piece of shit.

I am the one you love to hate because I have a backbone and I'm not afraid to use it, as opposed to the school of jellyfish that runs where your spine should be.

I am the one you love to hate because I am dignified and honorable, willing to fight to the death to protect my freedom, whereas you just take what you can and run when the odds go bad.

I am the one you love to hate because my balls are bigger than yours, and if you ever bring this fight to my doorstep, I will bitch-slap your race-baiting brown ass all the way back to Mexico City--and you know I'm not kidding, you imbecilic, brainless, puerile, half-baked gutless curr.

I don't like violence. I'd rather not fight if I can help it. But when you threaten me, you cross the line. I almost dare you to start that shit. You think we're mad NOW? Throw down with America and see what happens.

By the're the decendants of Spanish conquistadores, who swept into Mesoamerica and wiped out the Aztecs, Mayans and Olmec. You wanna talk about America originally being Mexican? By your logic, Mexico isn't even Mexican. Texas didn't want to be a part of Mexico, and your ancestors started slaughtering them until the good guys stepped in and kicked your asses back across the Rio Grande. We played your game and won. So shut the hell up.

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BEWARE Revolutionary Companeros/Companeras! Make no mistake how the Racist Xenophobe RepublicsKKKum adversaries are not going away anytime soon! After losing the Presidential elections with Barack Obama as the POPULARLY ELECTED soon-to-be President of the U.S., and a Black man to add insult to "their" white racist CracKKKah injuries, these white supremacist enemies will not rest until "their" white subhuman virtues are "vindicated"!

"If you ignore them, ...they will go away!" Yea, ...right! Now, where have we heard that phrase before?! Wasn't that what the German Jews used to think of the Brown Shirt Nazi goons who were at Adolf Hitler's behest and his direct orders to terrorize Germany's Jewish population in 1936? We all know what happened thereafter in 1941, ...don't we?!

This is no different than the inhumane atrocities that were committed on the indigenous natives and against other non-white people on this continent. AMERICA'S CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY is an eternal history that was written on the blood of our many oppressed ancestors of color! It's unfortunate that many of our RACE TRAITOR Stepnfetchit Kneegrows and Brown Coconut serape wearing HI-spanics collaborating Judases have become our worst enemies as well.

NEVER underestimate these white racist enemy animal creatures of habit! When Satan took a bowel movement, ...out of his own feces, he "created" the white subhuman "race"!
When Barack Obama was voted overwhelmingly and declared the next President elect, many rightwing adherents, mostly white uneducated Mayberry RFD male types and their GOP "leaders" were already organizing in a timely fashion as "they" plot to everso eagerly to retake the White House through more hatemongering, fear and whatever it takes to accomplish their macabre and sinister political coup d' etat within the electorial American VOTERS, ...especially non-whites!

It's up to US Revolutionaries of the Left who are committed to the People's Struggle, ...not only in rhetoric, but in revolutionary deeds! Revolutionary comrades, get involved and organize in your immediate communities or at-large as the "chickens will eventually come home to roost"!

President Obama hopefully might and might not turn out to be OUR "Progressive" cup of tea in the final outcome, but for the moment this is all we got going for our oppressed people of America now. I strongly suggest WE Revolutionaries must take a "wait and see" attitude until our soon-to-be President Obama implements his on hands policy after January 20, 2009, Inauguration Day.

However, has anyone noticed how CNN and other media news reports have exposed their white racism by using the obvious to all facade excuse that; "Obama will enact laws that will curtail the present Gun Shops as they will be forced to go out of business when he (Obama) restricts the sale of guns and gun ownership per se."

I have witnessed on the television news media how most Gun Shops throughout America are almost full of mostly aggressive white males standing in line by the ringing sound of cash registers throughout the nation!

After a careful analysis of this CracKKKah gun buying spree phenomenon, I wonder in awe why all of a sudden they want to own guns more than RednecKKK racist ameriKKKa needs right after Obama won the Presidential elections and not before!

It has also come to mind as I question why do these backwoods mindset types of "John Wayne" gun toting white people at most Gun Shops are doing their best to cover themselves of the real sinister motives of gun hoarding and by accusing the soon-to-be President Obama's new possible "strict gun laws".

In reality, I, like many, assume that these same white racist looking people are just stocking up with guns because they are in the erroneous warped belief of an "impending race war" between "them" and the "non-white mongrel mud people" (Blacks, Browns, Yellow, Red, etc)! I am in the belief that this is white racist America's worst case scenario once Obama takes office!

White racist attacks against people of color, mostly Latinos, have already begun in different parts of ameriKKKa by white supremacists who still can't get used to the idea that a Black Man
was ELECT President of the U.S.! ...SORE LOSERS!

This is the year for ALL oppressed people of color, including poor non-racist whites, to be vigilant and ready for these bigoted racist wounded losers to commence their vicious verbal and even physical attacks enmasse on those who do not look like "them"! Keep your powder dry folks!

I sincerely hope that this worst case scenario is just a figment of my imagination, but nevertheless, after hearing our racist enemies speak on most "conservative" talk radio programs, I gather it's best to be on the lookout for any wrong move AmeriKKKa's white supremacist losers will make against US ALL, ...but WE will be ready for "them"!