Friday, August 17, 2007

This is MY Country!

Not long ago, 46-year-old Nanuma Lavulavu, the matriarch of a Tongan family, was killed in an accident deliberately caused by a drunk driver.

The driver was 26-year-old Guadalupe Perez-Bojorquez. Just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, 19 June, MCSO deputy Rob Kinnet was driving in his unmarked Ford Expedition heading East on Durango Street (from 27th ave) when he spotted the driver of a silver Ford Taurus throwing a Bud Light bottle out his window. As he called his dispatchers he counted eight bottles total going out the window. At some point, Bojorquez threw his car into reverse and stood on the gas, ramming Kinnet’s SUV. Kinnet, still on the phone with dispatchers, turned around and headed back to his substation.

He quickly noticed the Taurus screaming up on his tailpipe like a bat out of hell. Bojorquez pulled up alongside officer Kinnet and rammed him again. He purposely broadsided Kinnet several times until he finally threw him into oncoming Eastbound traffic.

Directly in front of Nanuma Lavulavu.

After the wreck, Phoenix police found him hiding nearby. Kinnet, though injured himself, had attempted to render aid to Mrs. Lavulavu; her leg had been severed in the crash. Bojorquez blew a 0.16—twice the legal limit—and when police searched his vehicle they found cocaine. He was combative but eventually offered an excuse: he suspected that Kinnet was a cop. He didn’t want to get caught. So he used techniques he’d seen on TV to try to kill Kinnet. In the process he injured a police officer and killed an innocent driver.

Here’s the kicker—Bojorquez is not only illegal, but he’s been sent back to Mexico five times…once in 1997, twice in 1998, once in 2001, and once in 2002. In each case, he was arrested for DUI or some other offense. The 2001 arrest was for assaulting a police officer, a very serious felony. But instead of prosecuting him, feds gave him the option of “voluntary departure.”

In plain English, that means Bojorquez was given no jail time and was never held accountable for what he’d done. They just sent him home, not caring whether he’d come back and, in fact, knowing that he probably would. At the jail I worked in, inmates being deported would smile at us on their way out and say, “see you next year!” Bojorquez was one of these people.

Mehei Lavulavu, Nanuma’s daughter-in-law, expressed the family’s rage over their loss. Who can blame them? But whom, exactly, should bear the guilt? The main criminal in this case is Bojorquez, who knowingly and deliberately flaunted the laws of this country by continuing to come back and commit more crimes.

But what about the immigration officials? Instead of allowing him to be prosecuted, they simply let him go. By refusing to enforce the law, they gave him license to keep coming and breaking the law. They practically encouraged him to do what he did, because they proved that the law no longer rules in America.

ICE spokesman Vinnie Picard said, “Even with an order to deport, there’s no magic necklace that goes on them that would prevent them from coming back across the border. When you’re looking at hundreds of thousands of people, there’s just no feasible way to imprison that many people for felony violations, or misdemeanor violations, for that matter.” Okay…so we should just give up, I suppose.

That is no excuse for the thousands of Americans killed by illegals. That does not assuage the grief of the families of the innocent victims who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and never had a chance. By that mentality, we should just stop enforcing the law altogether and live in a state of total anarchy; there’s hundreds of thousands of criminals out there. How do we imprison them all? Why even bother?

This is America, goddammit, and it’s MY country. Enforce the law. Seal the borders. Send the illegals home. Stop giving criminals so many chances and give them the punishment they deserve. Then, and only then, will the pendulum swing the other way.

Oh…the Lavulavu family is a family of immigrants. But they came here legally.

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