Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Death Threats

Still think they're all just here to work?

EF Mohammed is on MySpace, and after I invited him to read my blog, this was his response:

"I had a dream that I had EXTERMINATED WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE ALL the XENOPHOBE RACIST white po piss subhuman incest inbred "race". I my dream YA'LL white cocKKKroaches that were not fumigated or turned into LAMPSHADES, SOAP BARS or fertilizer MULCH were buried alive or dropped off a chopper several miles off shore at sea without a parachute. Satan's white excrement vomit race and Jewboys are like parasitical rabid dog lice! They need to be oven baked! NEED I SAY MORE HEA YA'LL INCEST INBRED CRACKKKERSHITHEAD COCKKKROACHES?!E.F. Mohammed Martinez aka AZTEC Al-QAEDALA RAZA INTIFADA CYBERGUERRILLA RESISTANCE NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT


"P.S. The ONLY white people that I have ALWAYS supported in their struggle are Northern Ireland's IRA. I met IRA's then Bernadette Devlin some 35 years ago. I have ALWAYS been a strong proIRA adherent. You being a member of an oppressed group (Lesbian), should understand OPPRESSION and DISCRIMINATION! But then again, your inherited privileged whiteness overides ALL other oppressions! That's understandable. I am NOT against ALL white people per se. I am a freedom fighter against ALL XENOPHOBE RACISTS and INJUSTICE! MaKKKe no mistaKKKe! THERE WILL be white racist blood flowing on the streets of ameriKKKa one day and I hope to be there myself cutting their throats!"

Think he's the only fucknut out there who believes this tripe? Think again, folks. He's part of a movement, small but vocal and willing to kill, that actually believes they are being oppressed. But there's so many holes in their droll theories that none of it adds up, and I'm about to knock EF Mohammed off of cloud nine.

First of all, by their logic, we're occupying their land. They think the land was originally Mexican and that Americans, believing in manifest destiny, somehow stole the land from them. Playing by that line of logic, the land was never theirs in the first place. Mexico isn't even theirs. By their own estimation, Mexico belongs to the indigenous people the Spanish conquistadores took it from, and the land they gave up to America after the Spanish-American War belongs to the indians that lived there before their land was taken. Since they ignore this, I refuse to acknowledge any claim they have to American lands.

(That's not to mention the ceding of the land to America after the aforementioned war, which Mexico started to begin with after Texas won its independence--and it was not just "whitey" that fought that battle, either. The Mexican settlers there fought right alongside their American counterparts.)

He calls us xenophobes, racists, and nazis. A xenophobe pretty much is a racist, so he's being a little redundant there, but the thesaurus lists misjudgment, one-sidedness, and injustice as synonyms. What have I misjudged? We've already pointed out that they have no rights to American lands. Since America is a sovereign nation, one governed by laws and rules, the law must be observed and, where necessary, enforced. If it is not we become an anarchist haven ruled by constant chaos. It's not just good people coming across that border! How many times to I have to say it before it sinks in? Criminals are coming across with frightening frequency, and since we don't know who the absconders are, you all need to go the hell home, knock on our front door, and come in the right way. As for injustice, the only injustice here is that I'm being taxed to pay for healthcare, education, and rental assistance I'll never see any use in because none of it is for me or my family. And you could, actually call me one-sided; I will concede that much. I want the law enforced and nothing else will make me happy.

As for Nazis...I touched on that in my last post. The Nazis believed that Austria belonged to Germany and longed to take it by force; eventually they did, and did so violently. It is the same thing EF Mohammed and the La Raza movement is suggesting by threatening to take American land by force. And if this is not an indication of what we're facing, then you folks need a reality check.

There you go, "Aztec Al-Qaeda" (yes, he actually calls himself that). Take a lesson. Don't enter a battle of wits unarmed.

Oh, I almost forgot...your village called, buddy. They miss their idiot.

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