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Shutting Down The Tin-Foil Hat Brigade: Flight 93 DID Crash in Shanksville

This is the issue raised by Loose Change that I find particularly disgusting. While this blog will be shorter than the others, I will also be far less forgiving.

Loose Change starts its portion on Flight 93 by claiming that, in reality, Flight 93 landed in Cleveland. It quotes a news report from WCPO, released around 11:45 a.m. on 9/11/2001, that United Airlines Flight 93--which had been reported as hijacked--had safely landed.

I suppose the very first reports about an incident are always correct, right, Dylan? I love how you can quote this stuff when it suits you, but you turn right around and blast the media in the same breath. To add insult to injury, the AP discovered their flub in a matter of minutes and pulled the link quickly--the Twoofers picked up on it because the story wasn't taken down as quickly.

Avery goes on to quote the coroner, Wally Miller, who said, "I stopped being a coroner after about 20 minutes, because there were no bodies there...I have not, to this day, seen a single drop of blood. Not a drop." This is yet another case of Dylan Avery and company taking the words of an investigator and completely twisting them to suit their agenda. Wally Miller is mortified (pardon the pun) that his words have been used by the 9/11 Truthers ("Twoofers"); in his words (yes, I do quote):

"What I was saying was I stopped being a coroner after 20 minutes because it was already clear what the cause and manner of death was going to be. It was a plane crash, but it was a homicide because the hijackers crashed the plane and killed the people...(off-camera: "so it was a misquote?")...yes, it was a misquote, because the point I was trying to make was after that, it became a large funeral service."

In essence, he wasn't a coroner anymore because he didn't have to identify the cause of death. He was just recovering and identifying remains (and more than 1500 were found). No wonder Dylan wasn't accepted to college.

Then, the General of the tin-foilies claims, "it's the second time in history, on one day, that an airplane and its passengers disappears upon impact." Ooooo-kay. Tell that to the people who had to clean up the crash of Pan Am 103, after it was blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland. Sure, they recovered the crashed separately from the rest of the craft, which almost completely disappeared into the crash site.

Holy shit, Batman!

He goes on to expound on his Cleveland landing theory, and is right about one thing: the Cleveland airport was evacuated, but nobody was allowed to drive because an airplane believed to be hijacked was about to land. Unfortunately for the Twoofers, it was Delta flight 1989. Dylan's claim that a second plane was evacuated and searched comes from--get this--an internet message board.

Wow. Way to use that journalistic talent there, Dylan. Dan Rather would love you.

And I just love how he claims that 200 people were evacuated from Flight 93. The passenger list, the actual list of people who boarded that flight, the manifest from the originating airport, was only 44. (Luk, ma, I kan kownt!)

It gets better, ladies and gentlemen. Now comes the shoot-down scenario. This is the part where you all cock your head to the side and go, "whatdafuck???" Didn't I just get through detailing Dylan's strong belief that Flight 93 didn't crash, but landed safely?

Well, he espouses the notion that a white jet, seen flying over the area after the crash, was a fighter jet sent to shoot the plane down. Nnnnnope. The FAA, getting reports that 93 had crashed, asked the closest craft still in the air on the way to follow grounding orders to turn around and fly over the area and pinpoint the location. It happened to be a small, private jet--and yes, it was white. So Avery took something with a tiny grain of truth in it and "twooferized" it--he blew it up to be something it never was.

What makes me howl is how Avery rounds the whole thing out by quoting Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden had claimed to Al-Jazeera that the leaders of Afghanistan wouldn't allow him to execute such attacks, and thus, he had nothing to do with it.

Okay...okay...lemme regain my composure...damn, that's funny. What Avery's sayin' here is that the experts, so far, are liars, but the world's most wanted terrorist is telling the truth? Holy flyin' sheep shit. That's just about the funniest thing I've heard so far.

He claims that cockpit voice recorders can't be destroyed, but that's false; it's happened before. At least two of the black boxes were destroyed on 9/11, but other voice recorders were recovered and yielded a great deal of evidence, all of which is available to the public. He quips that flight 11's black box was destroyed, but a passport belonging to one of the hijackers was found. He jokes, "a voice recorder, made of the most resilient materials known to man, is destroyed, yet a passport, made of a material known as paper, managed to survive? Who writes this stuff?" (Resilient? That's an awfully big word for you, Dylan. Keep that dictionary handy, buddy!)

What about the other items that survived--like the hundreds of bones found atop the Deutsche Bank building, seat cushions, life jackets, and other documents believed to be aboard flight 11? It was a plane crash, Dylan. I'm pretty sure the loose materials on the plane moved. DUH.

Now comes the part I despise the most: Dylan's claim about the cell phone calls from the flights, mainly Flight 93. This is the part of Loose Change that actually physically churns my stomach. He says that what catches his attention is the "fact" that most callers call, say a few words, then hang up and call back later. Okay...what's his point? His attention span is about that of a fruit fly, because he moves on to Betty Ong, an attendant on Flight 11.

Dylan has the balls to mock the recording they have of the call: "does this sound like a woman on a hijacked plane who has seen people murdered in front of her? Why is no one screaming?"

The nerve of this asshole...

It has actually been reported that Ong, who'd been assigned to the coach section (away from the melee), as well as the passengers and crew with her believed there was a routine medical emergency in business class. Then Dylan starts nitpicking; he claims that Madeline Sweeney, another attendant on Flight 11, "allegedly" called her ground manager and gave a false report of how many hijackers there were and where they were seated.

Why don't we argue about the number of rocks in my front yard? This shit is just about as stupid!

I'm fairly certain that under stressful circumstances, a mistake can be made on how many people are attacking you and where they came from. I've made that mistake myself before, even in controlled scenarios. But it's also believed that Sweeney may have been in coach with Ong, thus relying on secondhand information from colleagues who were just as confused.

He goes even further into the hole he's digging. He jokes about Mark Bingham's call to his mother, saying, "when was the last time you called your mother and used your full name?" (Mark did do that.) What's his mother's response? It wasn't the first time Mark had used his full name with her; he was a businessman, and he was used to introducing himself on the phone with his full name. "...He was trying to be strong and level-headed and--strictly business." Alice Hogland, Mark Bingham's mother, knows that it was her son who called her.

It floors me just how brazen Dylan Avery and his ilk are when discussing this issue. He even states, as if it were true, that the calls were never released to the public. Once again, I call bullshit. This is another flagrant lie. They have been released.

His final gesture in this fiasco is to claim that the cell phone calls couldn't have taken place. Here, though, is where he shoots himself in the foot: all but one of the calls were made on airfones, the little handsets you sometimes see in the seatbacks on airplanes. What's more is that Dylan even points out that Mark Bingham's call was on an airfone. (Are we lost yet?)

He quotes "Project Achilles," performed by Key Dudney (writer of yet another Twoofer site), claimed that at 32,000 feet, cell phones couldn't have worked. Here's the problem: Dudney used two dinosaur-age Motorola cell phones on board a Diamond DA-20 Katana--a little two-seater plane--and did so over London, Ontario, a much larger area than Shanksville with more cell traffic. The airfones used by the passengers on board the Boeing 757 over Shanksville were made to make clear calls from 40,000 feet.

Oops. 'Nother boo-boo.

Then there's the passenger aboard Delta 1989 (forced to land in Cleveland...remember?) who testified that there was suspicious activity in the cabin: a passenger was talking urgently on his cell phone despite repeated orders from the crew to shut the thing off.

THEN, Dylan the Genius points out the military's work on voice-morphing technology. What he claims is "real time" actually isn't; the morpher could only work for recordings. But even Dylan Avery points out that the technology requires a 10-minute recording of a person's voice in order to work.
I suppose his next brilliant theory is going to be that every single one of the passengers on board the hijacked planes were part of the conspiracy and voluntarily gave recordings of their voices to be used.

Dylan's way beyond being too big for his britches here. Now he's into territory he has no business being in. What is still playing in the back of my brain is one of the very first screenshots: "Dedicated to the lives we lost on September 11, 2001." What a crock.

Here's another humdinger for ya, buddy: if Flight 93 didn't crash in that field in Shanksville, then what, pray tell, created the smoldering wreckage hauled away? And a repeat of a previous question: what happened to all the people?!?

Wait, I already said it--they're part of the conspiracy, too.

I'm irritated. I need my naptime.

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