Sunday, September 2, 2007

"Mexico Does Not End at the Border."

Wanna know who said that? Felipe Calderon, the new president of Mexico. I hate to get off-subject for two blogs in a row, but this pissed me off so bad I had to blog about it.

Why would such a statement piss me off? Apparently, Calderon doesn't care that it's not just workers coming across that border. He hasn't read the news reports about Mexican nationals committing robbery, rape and murder in America. I know he doesn't care, because when Mexican nationals are brought to justice for those crimes here, he and others running the government demand that we give those people "human rights."

You mean the same human rights they took from their victims?

Calderon blasted the US government for its crackdown on undocumented workers, but failed to address the bigger problem: the criminals that are coming across the border disguised as workers. They all say they're just working. Walk into any jail or prison, and every dumb shit in there will swear up and down that they're innocent. EVERYONE who commits a crime says they didn't do it. But the one thing they all miss is one pure truth that nobody seems willing to voice:

If a man can kill, steal, and rape...he can lie!

Holy shit! What a concept!

Calderon said, "wherever there is a Mexican, Mexico will be there." No, you will NOT. This is AMERICA, motherfucker. Not Mexico. You wanna provide legal counsel for your people when they are caught committing crimes here? Fine! It'll save us the time and expense! But Mexico ENDS where America BEGINS. You will NOT take over any part of my country. I will die before I see America turn into Mexico.

You're pandering to your people, Mr. Calderon; they want to hear you talk smack to the big, bad USA. Americans, however, are bigger, stronger, and bitchier than you, and the majority of Americans don't like your people taking our country over. So take a lesson, sir--don't push your luck. Push us hard enough and we'll do more than push back. We'll knock you on your self-righteous ass.

America may occasionally forget who she is, but it doesn't take long to remember. Respect our laws and our sovereignty. If you truly want us as an ally, respect us as a people. Until then, I absolutely refuse to do business with any restaurant, store, gas station or any other moneymaking venture that knowingly hires illegal immigrants. I will wash my own damn truck, cook my own damn food, and will even help my friends with their landscaping just to make sure Mexicans aren't supported by any of my business or money. Anyone who feels the way I do can join me. (Yes, I will help you do any sort of work just to make sure that none of my friends hire illegal workers!)

Some people will read this and think it a joke; I'm not joking. I'm just one person, but it's gotta start somewhere.

(Want more news on illegals? Go to for more than what I can post here!)

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